“From the first steps to the professional”
BALLET PHOTO2014-07-10
BALLET VIDEO2014-07-10
Children in performances2014-07-13
Our partners (photo)2014-07-17
Radamaria Nazarenco-Duminica & St.Petersburg Classical Ballet of Andrey Batalov.Madrid.2014-07-25
Radamaria Nazarenco-Duminica in "The Nutcracker" with the Imperial Russian Ballet (Photo)2014-07-27
Radamaria Nazarenco-Duminica and Tatiana Solovieva have won the award for Best Performance of 2014 with the Imperial Russian Ballet "The Nutcracker" TEATRO DE ROJAS. TOLEDO2014-10-06
Giselle - foto - Radamaria Nazarenco-Duminica2015-02-12
Master Class with Radamaria Nazarenco-Duminica and Andrei Litvinov2015-04-22
HAPPY TIME2015-05-04
Russian Ballet School Nazarenco | Elementary class2015-05-06